‘If paradise is half as nice’ #04 (Artproject, Vlissingen, NL)

The IPIHAN artists were invited to organize a similar event at ‘De Lasloods’ in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. This time it was an official event, making it possible to work on a larger scale. Contrary to previous editions, the building served as a temporary residence for the artists as well. Because the building – a former construction building, part of the shipyard at the city’s harbour – had been completely empty and stripped previously, the first days were spent on building an improvised kitchen, a living room, sleeping quarters, and a bar. Luckily, an electric hookup could be obtained from a neighbouring company. Drinking water was provided by a nearby yacht club. At this yacht club the artists also could make use of the showers and toilets. For this edition four new artists joined the group: Jordy Walker, Onno Poiesz, Aletta de Jong, and Toine Klaassen. Regina Kelaita, who in the previous edition had served to document the process, now participated as an artist in her own right.

More information: www.ipihan.com

interieur 4 klein

Impression of the building

hal 4

Impression of the building

foto 120

Pim Palsgraaf at work

foto 26

Jordy walker at work

foto pp4

Our temporary ‘house’

foto 123

Our bedroom in ‘De Lasloods’. Next to working in this shipyard for a month, we also lived there and builded a temporary bedroom, kitchen and livingroom.

keuken detail


foto 3


foto 4

Willem Besselink at work

foto 16


foto 1


afoto 27


foto 6

Hyfen 04

foto 8

Onno Poiesz

foto 13

Regina Kelaita

foto 14

Ties Ten Bosch

foto 27

Daan Botlek

foto 2

Toine Klaassen

foto 34


foto 36