Pim Palsgraaf
(1979, Gouda) Lives and works in Rotterdam/ The Netherlands


1999 – 2003 Willem de Kooning Art Academy Rotterdam/ The Netherlands. Graduated with honours.
1995 – 1999 Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam/ The Netherlands. Graduated with honours.


  • 2020 Project Grant, supported by Mondriaan Fund
  • 2014 – 2018 Basic Stipend, supported by Mondriaan Fund
  • 2012 Project for research and development, supported by Visual Art Centre Rotterdam


  • Nominated for the Heineken Art Prize 2020
  • Nominated for the Charlotte van Pallandt prize 2012


  • Rerun Beeldenroute museum schokland. Site specific installation (Group) Schokland [NL]
  • Ijsselbiennale. beeldenroute (Group) Olst [NL]
  • NL=US Gallery ‘schatkamer’ tijdens Art Rotterdam (Group) [NL]
  • Beeldentuin Anningahof (Group), Zwolle [NL]
  • Beeldentuin achter de westduinen (Group) Ouddorp, [NL]
  • PG2 Zomertentoonstelling beeldentuin (Group) Rhoon, [NL]
  • Charlois speciaal, fenixloods (Group) Rotterdam [NL]


  • RAM lichtroute. (Group) Noordoostpolder, Nagele [NL]
  • Charlois speciaal, fenixloods (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘MovinGrounds’ Tentoonstellingsruimte 38CC (Group) Delft [NL]
  • If paradise is half as nice #10. voormalige betoncentrale Crooswijk. (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Papier biennalle, Thuis/Home. Museum Rijswijk (Group) Rijswijk [NL]
  • Beeldentuin Anningahof (Group), Zwolle [NL]
  • Beeldentuin achter de westduinen (Group) Ouddorp, [NL]
  • Ground control, Master apprentice #2 Kunstpodium T, TAC (Group) Eindhoven [NL]
  • Site specific installation, private collector. Basel [Swiss]


  • Show box#8, Foundation Mesh (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘If Paradise Is Half As Nice #9’ ehemalige Zitza Fabrik (Group) Zeitz [DE]
  • De vensterbank (Solo) Amersfoort [NL]
  • VOLTA Basel Art fair, Booth B19. NL=US Gallery. (Duo) Basel [Swiss]
  • ‘Maaskant getekend’, Hilton Hotel CBK Rotterdam (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Serenditipy’ Franzis Engels Gallery (Duo) Amsterdam [NL]
  • Art Rotterdam Art fair. NL=US Gallery, booth 59 (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Aanschouw’ TENT Rotterdam (Group) Rotterdam [NL]


  • ‘Maaskant getekend’, Kunsthal Museum Rotterdam (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Ode aan het Nedloydhuis’. Het plafond Ruimte voor kunst en cultuur, (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • YIA Young contemporary art fair, Booth 27, NL=US galerie (Group) Paris, [FR]
  • ‘RORO buiten’, Sculpture in public space Rotterdam (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘UNFADED’. NL=US Gallery (Duo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘If Paradise Is Half As Nice #8’ ehemalige Kaufhaus (Group) Altenburg [DE]
  • SCOPE Art fair, Booth 012, NL=US Gallery (Solo) New York City [USA]
  • ‘Dark Alleys’ sbk kunstuitleen (Solo) Amsterdam [NL]
  • Bureau twee, bkw partners. (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • ‘Traces of personal presence’. Twelvetwelve Gallery (Group) Den Haag [NL]
  • ‘Aanschouw’ TENT Rotterdam (Group) Rotterdam [NL]


  • PULSE Miami art fair, NL=US Galerie, booth 304, North. (Group) Miami [USA]
  • ‘If Paradise Is Half As Nice #7’ ehemalige Nudlefabrik (Group) Zeitz [DE]
  • ‘Kunstenfestival’ (Group) Aardenburg [NL]
  • Kunstrai Art fair Amsterdam. ‘Kersentuin’ (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • Anningahof sculpture park (Group) Zwolle [NL]
  • ‘Apocalypse now’ Cranach Stiftung, (Group) Wittenberg [DE]
  • ‘Hyperdensity’ NL=US Galerie (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘In the absence of light’ Museumnacht. Site specific installation, Kunsthal, (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Rotterdam Contemporary Art fair. Booth NL=US Galerie (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘If Paradise Is Half As Nice presentation’ TENT Rotterdam (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Aanschouw’ TENT Rotterdam (Group) Rotterdam [NL]


  • ‘Remains of the day’ Pulchri studio, (Duo) Den Haag [NL]
  • ‘The end, Let’s start again’. Donau83 (Group) Berlin [DE]
  • ‘In the absence of light’ Site specific installation Kunsthal museum (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘The act of the object’ De Vishal (Group) Haarlem [NL]
  • ‘If paradise is half as nice#6’, Ehemalige Polygraph Fabrik, (Group) Leipzig, [DE]
  • Outline art and electronic music Festival (Group) Moskou [RU]
  • Bob Smit Galerie, NSJ (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘North sea jazz’, No Walls (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Park en schotel’ artfestival (Group) Esbeek [NL]
  • ‘Questioning reality’. Cokkie Snoei Gallery (Duo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Art Rotterdam Art fair Cokkie snoei Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Rotterdam Contemporary art fair. No Walls (Group) Rotterdam [NL]


  • ‘If paradise is half as nice # 5, ehemalige Dietzold Fabrik (Group) Leipzig [DE]
  • Rotterdam Contemporary art fair, No Walls (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘If paradise is half as nice #4’ Lasloods (Group) Vlissingen [NL]
  • Amsterdam Art Fair, Kunsthal Citroen, Cokkie Snoei Gallery (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • ‘Cityscape 2’. Pulchri Studio (Group) Den Haag [NL]
  • ‘Gewoon natuurlijk’ Cultuurwerf (Duo) Vlissingen [NL]
  • ‘Cityscapes’. NL=US Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • No Walls. Fenixloodsen (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Realisme Art Fair. Ampelhaus booth PTA (Group) Amsterdam [NL]


  • Art in Redlight Art fair, Beurs van Berlage (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • ‘Now Babylon’ W139 (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • ‘Unter Zwischen’ Ampelhaus (Group) Oranienbaum, [DE]
  • ‘If paradise is half as nice #3’, Pi-LAB projectspace, (Group) Leipzig [DE]
  • Motel Mozaïque festival. (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘If Paradise is half as nice #3’, ehemalige Brotfabrik (Group) Leipzig [DE]
  • ‘Wildernis’. Kuub ruimte voor kunst&cultuur, (Group) Utrecht [NL]
  • ‘Artist’s Proof’ Cokkie Snoei Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Salon d’ autonome’, Rotterdam Central station (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Art Rotterdam art fair with Cokkie Snoei gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • NL=US gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘If Paradise Is Half As Nice #2’ Frank Taal Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]


  • ‘Groot defilé der beeldenaars’ WTC Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • CBK (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • ‘If paradise is half as nice #2’ Atelierhof Kreuzberg (Group) Berlin [DE]
  • ‘If paradise is half as nice #2’ Ehemalige motorwerken (Group) Leipzig [DE]
  • “Fit for a king’. Ampelhaus (Group) Oranienbaum [DE]
  • ‘Jesus Christ superstar’, No walls (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘LAP’, Kers gallery (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • Anningahof sculpture park (Group) Zwolle [NL]
  • ‘As tears go by’ Cokkie Snoei Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Re: Rotterdam Art fair (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Hotel Rotterdam’ (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘The traveller’. TENT Rotterdam (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘It ain’t over yet’. Kop (Group) Breda [NL]


  • ‘If paradise is half as nice# 1’, ehemalige baumwolspinnerei (Group) Leipzig [DE]
  • ‘Kompost’, Gallery Roy, (Group) Zulpich [DE]
  • ‘Aanwinst’ Hro Collection, Kunsthal Museum (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Megalopolis’ Cokkie Snoei Gallery (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Blauwdruk’. Arti et Amicitae (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • ‘Haarlemse lente’ Tanya Rumpff art (Group) Haarlem [NL]
  • ART Rotterdam art fair, Cokkie Snoei Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • MK award fundraiser show (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Re:Rotterdam Art Fair, (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Hotel Rotterdam’. (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Late night show’. Naturalis museum (Group) Leiden [NL]


  • ‘Future policy ceremony award’. Central Park Zoo (Group) New York City [USA]
  • Tragic death of my gallerists Emmo Grofsmid and Karmin Kartowikromo of MK Gallery Rotterdam
  • ‘Mycose’. Kappur Gallery (Solo) Tilburg [NL]
  • Museumnacht Rotterdam ‘Multiscape’ MK Gallery (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Multiscape’, MK Gallery (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • Art Rotterdam art fair VIP Program. Open studio tour. (Group) Rotterdam [NL]


  • ‘Biennal wintersalon’, Elga Wimmer Gallery (Group) New York City [USA]
  • Fountain Miami Art fair, Christina Ray Gallery (Group) Miami [USA]
  • Pulse Miami Art fair, MK Gallery (Group) Miami [USA]
  • Governors Island Art Fair. (Group) New York City [USA]
  • ‘Good vibrations’ MK Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Mission; edition’ Christina Ray Gallery (Group) New York City [USA]
  • Art Amsterdam art fair. MK Gallery (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • Anningahof sculpture park (Group) Zwolle [NL]
  • ‘the nomadic condition’ SM’S Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch (Group) Den Bosch [NL]


  • ‘Summer solo show’. 3rd Ward (Solo) New York City [USA]
  • Preview Berlin art fair. MK Gallery (solo) Berlin [DE]
  • ‘Transformations’. MK Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘222VOLT’, singel 222 (Group) Dordrecht [NL]
  • ‘Close encounters’. Blokhuispoort (Group) Leeuwarden [NL]
  • ART Amsterdam art fair. MK Gallery, (Group) Amsterdam [NL]
  • ‘Transformations’. MK Gallery (Group) Berlin [DE]
  • ART Rotterdam art fair, MK gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]


  • ‘Ecoscape’ TENT Rotterdam (Group) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ‘Where is my mind?’ ARTRMX Cologne at E-raum (Group) Cologne [DE]
  • ‘Power of places’ International Landscape Triennial. Nettenfabriek (Group) Apeldoorn [NL]
  • ‘Review of a position’, Berlin Biennale, MK Gallery (Group) Berlin [DE]
  • ‘Rechtsachter’. Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam (Solo) Rotterdam [NL]
  • ART Rotterdam Art fair. MK Gallery (Group) Rotterdam [NL]


  • ‘Review of a position’. MK Gallery (Group), Rotterdam [NL]
  • Gallery De Wit, (Solo) Bergen op Zoom [NL]
  • ‘Xpose162’. Gallery de Sigarenfabriek (Group) Delft [NL]
  • ‘Kunstmoment’. kunstroute 2007 (Group) Gouda [NL]
  • ‘Kunst aan de kade’. Museumnacht (Group) Rotterdam [NL]