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‘If Paradise is half as nice’ #06 (Artproject,Leipzig, DE)

The building known as Polygraph was built in 1910 for OMEGA, a Leipzig based filament and light bulb factory. From 1929 it was used by the Company Hoh&Hahne, that has been producing photomechanical machines and tools under its brand name ‘Hohlux’. After the second world war Hoh&Hahne partly moved to West Germany and partly continued in […]

‘If paradise is half as nice’ #05 (Artproject, Leipzig, DE)

For the second time, IPIHAN this year collaborated with ‘Tag der Industriekultur‘. And just like in Vlissingen a few months earlier, this was a legal event. The owner of the building had become quite enthusiastic about the event and provided the building to be used as an exhibition space. These circumstances made it possible to put more […]

‘If paradise is half as nice’ #01 (Artproject, Leipzig, DE)

On 27 September 2012, Rotterdam artists Pim Palsgraaf and Daan Botlek impromptu decided to go to Leipzig. Being tired of the restrictions of the confined space of their studios, they travelled to the German city to use one of the many abandoned buildings there as a temporary working space. After a week of exploring various sites they settled down in the ‘Ehemalige Jutespinnerei und Weberei’ in the Lützner Straße in Leipzig/Lindenau. While working there both artists realized […]