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  Stipends: Basic Stipend, supported by Mondriaan Fund Project for research and development, supported by Visual Art Centre Rotterdam 2019 ‘If Paradise Is Half As Nice #9’ ehemalige Zitza Fabrik (Group) Zeitz [DE] De vensterbank (Solo) Amersfoort [NL] Volta Basel Art fair, Booth B19. NL=US Galerie. (Duo) Basel [Swiss] ‘Maaskant getekend’, Hilton Hotel upper lobby. […]


2017 De Volkskrant. Donderdag 10 augustus 2017 article about the IPIHAN #7 Project, Zeitz, Germany [NL] Pandora kunst en literatuur magazine Jaargang 6 nr.3 2017 {NL] 2016 Silent Magazine for art, fashion and actual culture. Spring 2016. Moscow, [Russia] 2015 O&O CBK Book interview by Sandra Smets (NRC handelsblad) [NL] Tableau fine arts magazine 37ste […]


Foto by Gert jan Pos 2019 The studio of Pim Palsgraaf (1979) is located in the industrial section of Rotterdam. His love-hate relationship to this environment is fundamental for his art work. In the “Multiscape” sculptures he shows the outgrowths of urban architecture. Comparable to tumours of urban growing he drapes found objects on taxidermy […]


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