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2018 SCOPE Art fair, Booth 012, NL=US Galerie (Solo) New York City [USA] ‘Dark Alleys’ sbk kunstuitleen (Solo) Amsterdam [NL] Bureau twee, bkw partners. (Group) Amsterdam [NL] ‘Traces of personal presence’. Galerie Twelvetwelve, (Group) Den Haag [NL] Aanschouw expo/ veiling, (Group) TENT Rotterdam [NL] 2017 PULSE Miami art fair, NL=US Galerie, booth 304, North. (Group) Miami […]

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2017 Volkskrant. Double spread about the IPIHAN #7 Project in Zeitz summer. 2016 Silent Magazine for art, fashion and actual culture. Spring 2016. Moscow, Russia 2011 What’s up nr. 10, 2011 emmo en karmin 100 NEW ARTIST. Book about young contemporary artist by Franscesca Gavin ISBN 978-1-85669-734-7 by Laurence king publishers. ROOMS Magazine, London based […]


Foto by Willem Besselink, on the right Regina Kelaita. @IPIHAN 2015 The studio of Pim Palsgraaf (1979) is located in the industrial section of Rotterdam. His love-hate relationship to this environment is fundamental for his art work. In the “Multiscape” sculptures he shows the outgrowths of urban architecture. Comparable to tumours of urban growing he […]