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2018 SCOPE Art fair, Booth 012, NL=US Galerie (Solo) New York City [USA] ‘Dark Alleys’ sbk kunstuitleen (Solo) Amsterdam [NL] Bureau twee, bkw partners. (Group) Amsterdam [NL] ‘Traces of personal presence’. Galerie Twelvetwelve, (Group) Den Haag [NL] Aanschouw expo/ veiling, (Group) TENT Rotterdam [NL] 2017 PULSE Miami art fair, NL=US Galerie, booth 304, North. (Group) Miami […]


2017 De Volkskrant. Donderdag 10 augustus 2017 article about the IPIHAN #7 Project, Zeitz, Germany [NL] Pandora kunst en literatuur magazine Jaargang 6 nr.3 2017 {NL] 2016 Silent Magazine for art, fashion and actual culture. Spring 2016. Moscow, [Russia] 2015 O&O CBK Book interview by Sandra Smets (NRC handelsblad) [NL] Tableau fine arts magazine 37ste […]


Foto by Willem Besselink, on the right Regina Kelaita. @IPIHAN 2015 The studio of Pim Palsgraaf (1979) is located in the industrial section of Rotterdam. His love-hate relationship to this environment is fundamental for his art work. In the “Multiscape” sculptures he shows the outgrowths of urban architecture. Comparable to tumours of urban growing he […]